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Come in, come in!

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfy!  I hope you have something good in hand to drink, my personal favorite is Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino.  Yes, even in winter.

This is my first attempt at making a website so there's bound to be a few kinks in it.
Angelique Newman
I've been a romance writer forever. "cough" at least it feels like forever. Oddly, my memory is a blur of cowboys, dusty trails and pirates on the high seas. I've managed to curb my imaginings back to the twenty-first century with contemporaries and romantic suspense, though my musings at times pulls me back to historicals.
At fifteen, I wanted to be the youngest writer to break into the genre--I had HUGE plans HUGE but school and life had its own plans for me. I grin now as I think back on it.  Where does the time go?
My passion to write however remained. I wanted to tell stories true to my heart, to explore the heights and depths of my characters. I have to say it's fun trying on different hats, whether it's writing about the old west, or on deserted islands or even the Mafia. My imagination has taken me on quite the adventures.
I'm pleased to say my romantic suspense, Burn Bright, Burn Hot finaled in the 2007 TRW Original Golden Opportunity Contest.

I'm an enthusiastic member of RWA and have to say, Romance Writers Of America is a great asset for aspiring and seasoned authors.
Thank you for popping onto my web site.  It's a work in progress but I hoped to add excerpts of my manuscripts, favorite recipes and news of where I am in the publishing industry.  I hope you enjoy it.
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